Why did we choose coconut wax for Hera Candle?

The humble candle has a rich history. The first known makers of candles were in ancient Egyptians who made candles by by soaking the pithy core of reeds in melted animal fat. Candles have since then been used as a source of light in different civilizations and has been constantly adapting and innovating how they are produced.

With the global market Scented Candles estimated to reach USD 4.22 billion and record a CAGR of 5.80% by the end of 2024. Scented candles have become an everyday item in households today. The primary raw material used in candle making is wax, which is used to soak the candle wick and act as a fuel for combustion. The most common materials used for scented candles today are paraffin, beeswax, soy wax and palm oil. However, selecting candles made from these waxes may come at a cost. Here at Hera Candles, we look for sustainable and organic alternatives with no harmful emissions that may harm you or your loved ones. Our research for this material has led us to Coconut Wax.

It's Sustainable

Coconut wax is made by the hydrogenation of coconut oil to wax. The process is relatively simple and therefore does not require high amounts of energy for production. The process is also more sustainable because coconuts are an entirely organic material. And to make the coconut wax, cutting down of trees is not necessary. This is a drawback in using soy or palm oil for wax. And it is not produced using fossil fuels, which paraffin wax does. And although Beeswax can be sourced ethically, it is not currently classed as a vegan product. We want to be as sustainable as possible and therefore, in terms of sustainability, we believe that coconut wax is the best choice to produce candles.

It's Slow Burning

Coconut wax is having a clean burn with almost no soot. This makes scents made with coconut wax much better in terms of strength and longevity of the candles because they have no by-products which may alter scents. This allows the scent of the candle to remain consistent throughout its lifetime with an even scent. They are one of the longest and slowest burning candles and this ensures that they are worth the money you pay for them.

It throws scent better

Coconut wax holds scents better than most other waxes used in the market today. This ability is critical in candle making as this allows us at Hera to make products with lasting scents. Since coconut wax is odourless by itself, it allows us to fully expand on our vision for scents without the fear of the scents being downplayed or distorted by the wax.

So why aren’t all scented candles made from coconut wax?

Honestly, we do not know… The advantages of using scented candles seem to be so much that it is almost unbelievable. However, coconut candles are priced more than traditional paraffin candles. But because the lifetime of coconut candles is significantly higher, it is definitely a product you should consider switching to.

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