Getting the most out of your candle - burning properly

Did you know that there are optimal ways to burn your candle? I myself am guilty of not actually reading the full label when I used to buy candles and not realising that my candle could last longer and burn more efficiently if I followed a few simple tips.

Our candles currently come with wooden wicks. We measure and prep our wicks to ensure that when lit they will provide you the optimal burn and crackle. Make sure that before you light your candle you trim your wick as specified on the safety label. This will ensure that you get a less smoky burn. By using wooden wicks we already reduce this as they don't contain any zinc, lead or other metals which are present in some retailer's wicks.

When you burn your candle do you notice that it starts to tunnel after the first burn? This leaves a lot of wax on the sides of the candles which doesn't ever seem to melt. Well, this can be avoided by ensuring that on the first burn you allow the candle to melt and create a pool from edge to edge. This will drastically reduce the chance of tunnelling meaning that you get the most out of your candle. If your candle does tunnel then do not fret, we will show you how to use every last ounce of your candle in a later post!

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